Building Common Ground

How to live together in a world of inequality and global conflicts?
This is the story of an unlikely place:
Here, young people with diverse backgrounds from around the world live and learn together for peace and sustainability.
We follow the founders, architects and first inhabitants as they begin to build common ground.

Documentary Film, 2021, 90min.

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"Building Common Ground" has been selected to the International Migration & Environmental Film Festival. Our film can be watched in Canada online from Oct. 9 until 16th at the festival's virtual cinema.
You can find the festival's program here.

I had a wonderful conversation with Kelly DeVine and Nina Streich from the Global Peace Film Festival about the making of "Building Common Ground".
You can watch it here.

Our film has been selected to this year's Global Peace Film Festival!
Building Common Ground can be watched from Sept. 27 until Oct. 3 on the festival platform (region USA).
Here you can have a look at the festival's program.

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Why I've made this film:

When I was sixteen, I won a scholarship to spend two years at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, living on campus with students and teachers from diverse countries and cultures. This unusual and challenging place made a deep impact on me and I asked myself: How come? What had to happen for this place to come into being?
After having worked as a news producer, and just when I had been accepted into film school, I heard there were hopes for the founding of a new United World College, in my homecountry Germany. From then on, I tried to sneak in with the camera whenever I could.
With one critical eye and one loving eye, being somewhat of an insider and outsider at the same time, I found great inspiration by witnessing this process.
I believe, the themes which are being touched here are important not only to educators, community builders or activists but to anyone who cares about diversity, about peace, and about passing on a healthy earth for our shared future.

Lars Ostmann

"Building Common Ground" is a non-profit film,
made by former and current UWC students, film school students, and by the college community.
The production was made possible through material and financial donations.

"UWC Robert Bosch College" is a non-profit organisation, run by charities, public funds and private donors.
All students go through a selection process and are being provided with scholarships according to their needs.
The college is part of a global network of schools and national committees.

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